Joe Biden Beats Donald Trump in Elections; surpasses 270 electoral votes to be president of the United States

The tense and conflictive electoral day that began long before the official election day with votes by mail would have reached its climax with the victory this Saturday of the Democrat.

Democrat Joe Biden won the US presidency on Saturday amid a tense and tumultuous election week that included extended counting of ballots sent by mail in key states such as Pennsylvania and Georgia.

The former vice president under the Barack Obama administration became the 46th president after the scrutiny of the majority of the votes, many of which were counted after the official day of the elections, this past November 3.

Shortly after 11 am this Saturday, media such as CBS, CNN and the AP agency reported that Biden had 273 electoral votes.

The Democrat led the count against Trump in four states: Nevada, Georgia, Arizona and Pennsylvania.

Although since before noon yesterday, some media already considered the Democratic candidate victorious, it was not until the count was speeded up in key states such as Pennsylvania that the information was confirmed.

The former senator, whom Kamala Harris accompanies on the ballot as vice president, achieved the minimum necessary 270 votes in the Electoral College, the body that defines who will occupy the White House every four years. Each state has a different number of electoral votes, based on how many congressmen there are in the House of Representatives, other than its two senators.

Under this system, the candidate with the most popular votes does not necessarily become the winner of the contest, but the one who registers the most votes of the delegates in the Electoral College.

In these elections , Biden not only achieved the number of electoral votes in the College, but also surpassed Trump in the direct popular vote with more than 73 million votes in his favor, the highest figure in history, according to data provided on Wednesday.

The Secret Service increased Biden’s protection against a possible victory with an increase in the number of agents who would be stationed at the Wilmington (Delaware) convention center , the Democrat’s hometown.

Allegations of fraud by Trump

The 2020 elections were also marked by the resistance of the Republican to accept a possible defeat and the threat of going to the Supreme Court if necessary to denounce alleged electoral fraud and invalidate the results.

At the state level, several lawsuits were filed in districts such as “Keystone State”, Nevada and Texas, to stop the counting of votes by mail, among other claims.

On Thursday in a message broadcast by the main television networks, Trump – without presenting evidence – insisted on the alleged fraud. Most of the stations, including conservative Fox News, interrupted the speech to question his approach and contextualize the president’s statements.

While this Friday, Trump’s team insisted on their chances of victory when the tycoon added 214 votes from the Electoral College and Biden 264 delegates. Spokesmen for the president’s reelection campaign insisted that the candidate could still clinch victory despite the fact that the data favored his rival.

These elections have not finished , ” he had indicated to the media one of the lawyers Trump, Matt Morgan at the time branded as “false” press screenings that were tracking Biden in the lead in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada & Arizona, states that Trump needed to turn the current trend around.

“The false projection of Joe Biden as the winner is based on four states where the count is far from over,” added the general adviser to the Trump campaign in a statement.

Election day in recent days has also been seasoned with protests in various states by supporters from both sides.

On Thursday night, authorities arrested protesters in Seattle, Minneapolis, and Portland, Oregon, who demanded the conclusion of the vote count; and others, linked to Trump, who demanded the stoppage of the count in the most contested states.

In disputed states like Arizona, protests also continued on Friday.

Shortly before the media today gave their projections on Biden’s victory, the Republican announced on Twitter that he will hold a “great press conference” in Philadelphia at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping. The press appearance was scheduled for 11:30 am.

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