It’s not your year! Rodner Figueroa tells how his Mercedes hit him (VIDEO)

In recent months, the driver has lost his mother and was about to suffer a heart attack, what else is he missing?

2020 has not been an easy year for Rodner Figueroa, because first he had to face the death of his mother, then he revealed that he almost had a heart attack and also confessed that he has been very stressed by the covid pandemic, but for If that weren’t all, now he was involved in a road accident.

As he recounted in a video shared on his Facebook account , the driver was walking quietly down the street when a woman crossed him and hit him, which caused his car to be badly damaged in the hydraulic steering part and it was damaged. they had to be repaired with the help of a crane.

“I was coming in my lane and a woman came out of a parking lot and had to get into her lane and suddenly it occurs to her to make a sharp turn to the left without warning and without putting on warning lights and then she hit me. After the impact, I got out of the car and I wanted to make sure that the other person was okay and that’s how it was, ” Rodner said.

Finally, the presenter wanted to alert his followers to take certain precautionary measures in case the same thing happened to them, such as calling the insurance company to assess the damage of the accident, taking photographs so that the evidence of how everything happened and have personal and automobile documents.

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