It goes viral because he “thanks” the coronavirus for not going with his mother-in-law at Christmas The State

A British man named Simon Parker has gone around the world lafter that in a street interview given to the BBC He will be sincere in saying that, contrary to most, he does have something to thank the coronavirus pandemic.

A reporter for said media was in the streets conducting a survey to find out what people thought of what Due to COVID-19, this year there would be a different Christmas, especially since in many homes there will be no family reunions.

But Parker added a touch of humor to the questioning by finding the “silver lining” to this situation.

“We were going to go with my mother-in-law, but we can’t do it anymore, a nice touch, “said the man while smiling happily.

Quickly, the video went viral on social networks, where many users indicated that like Simon, they feel happy not having to live with the family of their partners.


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