Isabel Madow Took A Selfie Posing With A Thong And Without A Bra

At 47, the actress has a statuesque figure

Isabel Madow is an expert in taking selfies and then sharing them on her Instagram account, but they always have the characteristic of not showing her face; However, now he published a video in which he looks very happy.

The 47-year-old actress once again showed off her figure, in some images in which she poses at home, without a bra and wearing only a thong. According to the message with which she accompanied the photos, Isabel did not feel well that day: “Colic 😓 today I am not dancing because my stomach hurts and I am inflamed 😝🥵 better tell me how your day is going. 🥰😘😉 ”.

On her Twitter account, the model also likes to say good night to her fans, and this time she was no exception, looking very sexy in black lace underwear.

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