Is Elsa Pataky jealous of Chris Hemsworth fans?

Many have wondered how the Madrid woman has been fitting in with her husband’s growing popularity.

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky will celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary next December, which shows a more than solid marriage that, in addition, lives today one of its best moments thanks to the peaceful Australian life of which the two lovers enjoy together with their three children: India Rose and twins Tristan and Sasha.

Throughout their more than ten years of relationship, many have wondered how the Madrilenian woman has been fitting in with the growing popularity of her husband, the protagonist of the film saga ‘Thor’ based on the comics of the Marvel publishing house, and especially admiration that he enjoys both among men and women on account of his undeniable physical attractiveness . Is Elsa a jealous woman in this sense?

“ Nah, not at all! Elsa knows that I only have eyes for her, “the stocky interpreter answered sharply when asked about this possibility in his last conversation with New! However, the Hollywood star has not come to pronounce on the parallel hypothesis, that of the supposed discomfort that he could experience due to the beauty and spectacular figure that has always characterized the also model.

In the same interview, Chris has also reflected on the many challenges that arise from a relationship as long as his own, with the coexistence that this implies and, of course, the joint raising of a large offspring. “ There are always going to be challenges in a life project like ours, and you have to work very hard . Good marriages do not happen alone , you have to cultivate them, “he asserted.

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