iPhone 12 for 5G: Why Apple Promises the “Start of a New Era” for Its Flagship

The new version of the iPhone is the first to have the ability to access networks that will increase the speed of internet connection.

“Today is the beginning of a new era for the iPhone.”


This is how the head of Apple, Tim Cook, presented this Tuesday the iPhone 12 , the new model of its flagship phone, which for the first time will have the ability to connect to 5G cellular networks , something that Samsung and other Android phones already offered last year.

“Superfast”, “advanced”, “secure” were the words Cook chose to describe how the use of these types of networks increases the capacity of the mobile, since it will be able to download information at 4.0 gigabytes per second.

“5G will bring a new level of performance for downloads and uploads, higher quality video streaming, more responsive games, real-time interactivity and much more,” Cook said.

This enables 4K video playback and editing, uploading photos in their highest resolution, and playing graphics-intensive video games with greater fluidity than previously possible and with less battery usage.

The new version of the cell phone will come in five colors – white, black, red, green and blue – and will be 11% thinner, 15% smaller and 6% lighter than the iPhone 11.

The iPhone 12
The iPhone 12 will be available in 5 colors.

The iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will be superior versions, the latter with a 6.7-inch screen, the largest that an Apple mobile phone has ever had.

But there will also be a smaller version, called the iPhone 12 mini, the “smallest, thinnest and lightest” mobile with 5G capacity on the market, the firm said.

In the case of the iPhone 12, it will also feature a next-generation OLED screen, Apple promises to offer the most durable glass in the industry with its “ceramic cover”.

It uses the new A14 Bionic chip, the first to be built in a five-nanometer process, allowing the phone to achieve better graphics performance.

The iPhone 12 Pro
The iPhone 12 Pro will be available in a gold version.

Your camera will continue to work with two or three lenses, as in previous versions, but Apple promises that it will have better capabilities, including superior sensitivity at night and in the front camera, two points that are usually limited in most phones, including those from Apple.

The price for the US market for the iPhone 12 will be US $ 799, while the iPhone 12 mini will be available from US $ 699. In the case of the Pro Max, $ 1,099.

Not always the first

Samsung first launched a phone, the Galaxy S10, enabled for 5G in February 2019, and Huawei, OnePlus and Google among others also added the capability.

But experts say there has been only limited consumer interest in that capacity to date.

“Apple is rarely the first to launch new technologies, but it hopes that a technology is mature enough to build new experiences for customers,” said Thomas Husson of research company Forrester.

“I think we are slowly reaching this tipping point.”

Tim Cook introducing the iPhone 12
The iPhone 12 is the first Apple device to have 5G capability.

5G technology is also not widely available and in many countries it is not yet installed. In the US, Apple’s largest market, 5G speeds are particularly slow.

In fact, according to one study, downloads over Canada’s 4G networks tend to be faster.

However, in China, Apple’s second largest market, the government has encouraged its rapid deployment and recently announced that both Beijing and Shenzhen had achieved “full coverage.”

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