Influence of the pandemic on the Latino vote

What are the most important factors for Hispanics when choosing candidates

The COVID-19 pandemic knows no race, age or border, but for numerous reasons it has negatively and disproportionately impacted the Latino community.

In part because of the lack of access to health coverage for millions of Hispanics, in part because of their work, or the lack of it, the Latino community is currently experiencing serious financial problems. This, in turn, influences their electoral choices.

According to information from the Pew Research Center, the majority of registered Hispanic voters indicated that the economy, access to health insurance and the COVID-19 pandemic were the most relevant issues when choosing a presidential candidate.

Eight out of 10 Latinos registered to vote indicated that the overall economy was a deciding factor in their vote.

The 76 percent of them prioritized access to health care , while 72 percent stressed the importance of the management of the pandemic by the government. Sixty-six percent of Hispanics interviewed said that racial and ethnic differences, as well as racism were the reasons that led them to vote. A 60 percent of Latinos stressed the importance of the climate change as a decisive factor when choosing a candidate.

The Pew Center report found that more than two-thirds of Latino voters, or 68 percent , of Latinos believed that the Trump administration’s response to the pandemic had been very poor and much less effective, compared to the responses of the leaders from other developed countries

Latino vote in detail

We share some of the priorities of Hispanic voters in this election.

  • About a third of the Latinos surveyed, or 32 percent , said they were satisfied with the Trump Administration’s response to the pandemic. 86 percent of these also gave a good rating to the work of hospitals and medical centers and their response to the coronavirus outbreak.
  • Regarding the response of state and local authorities to the pandemic, more than 54 percent of Latinos surveyed said that local elected officials had done an excellent job, while 46 percent said the same of state authorities.
  • More Hispanic women (69 percent) than Hispanic men (50 percent) considered the issue of immigration essential when electing president.
  • Another issue that seems to interest Latino women (59 percent) more than Latino men (45 percent) is that of economic inequality . Latinas (48 percent) also consider the candidate’s position on abortion decisive, compared to 36 percent of men, who consider this issue important when voting.

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