“I will never stop supporting my disgraced countrymen”: AMLO in Tabasco

The Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, toured the areas affected by the floods in Tabasco.

Accompanied by the governor of the entity, Adán Augusto López, the president of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador , he toured the Villahermosa boardwalk in Tabasco, where he assured that he will never stop supporting his countrymen in disgrace due to the floods .

“The material is replaced, what you have to take care of is life, I will never stop supporting my countrymen , or all Mexicans in disgrace … The government has to give special attention to those who need it most,” he said. the Tabasco president.

López Obrador said that although the FONDEN (National Fund for Natural Disasters) no longer exists, they have many budget resources to support those affected.

He reported that so far five deaths have been reported and asked the victims to stay in shelters and not allow themselves to be manipulated because it is electoral season and “there is a lot of politicking.

“Have confidence, that everyone will be served and that they do not allow themselves to be manipulated because there is an electoral season, there is a lot of politicking. There are those who want the charges, as meat has already come to the bone, they are already there distributing pantries, wanting to look good with people. That is history, that no longer works, we as a government have the obligation to support all citizens, all, “he said.

On Saturday, the Mexican president traveled by plane of the Mexican Air Force to Tabasco after suspending his tour of Nayarit. Accompanied by the Secretary of Defense, Luis Cresencio Sandoval, he attended a meeting with the security cabinet and state authorities to assess the damage.

He also made a helicopter overflight over the Peñitas dam where he explained that the water from the dam has been released little by little to prevent it from bursting and could flood the lower areas of Tabasco more . In recent days, López Obrador had alerted his countrymen that the venting of the Peñitas dam would continue and asked them to take refuge in the highlands and shelters.

Among the emergency actions carried out by the federal government is the one carried out by the General Director of the Mexican Social Security Institute, Zoe Robledo, who visited the General Hospital Zone 2 in Cárdenas Tabasco , to supervise the actions in support of citizens that require medical services.

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