“I Like Hispanics”: Trump Seeks Latino Vote In Nevada, Where Biden Leads Him

After attending mass in Las Vegas, the president gave a two-hour rally in Carson City.

While his Democratic rival, Joe Biden , tried to conquer the black vote in North Carolina, President Donald Trump on Sunday sought to convince Hispanics at a rally in Nevada .

After attending Mass at a Las Vegas church, the president headed to Carson City, where he gave a two-hour rally in which he appealed to Latinos.

“I like Hispanics, I like Hispanics, I like Hispanic-Americans, ” he began.

“Hispanics are small business owners,” he added, “they can’t imagine how good they are as business people. Sometimes they are tough, sometimes, but they are great entrepreneurs . “

And he took the opportunity to mess with his Democratic rival: “Biden will crush everything Hispanic-Americans have worked for, eliminate your small businesses with confinements and regulations , and devastate your families with massive tax increases.”

In Nevada, Biden is ahead of Trump 5.2 points , according to the RealClearPolitics average.

In this state, the Democrats have accumulated one victory after another in the different elections of the last decade, and in the current elections the Latino vote could be crucial when deciding who wins , accounting for 20% of the electorate.

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