Hackers steal $ 2 million from Trump campaign

The hacker attack was reported by the Trump campaign in Wisconsin

WASHINGTON – The Republican Party in Wisconsin denounced this Thursday that it had been the victim of an attack by hackers , who stole $ 2.3 million from the campaign of United States President Donald Trump , in that state, although it anticipated that this will not affect its activities with you look at the elections next Tuesday.

“Cybercriminals, using a sophisticated phishing attack, stole funds intended for the reelection of President Trump, altered invoices and committed electronic fraud,” said the ruling party in a statement.

Republicans said the attack was detected “late on the night of Thursday, October 22.”

“On Friday morning, October 23, we notified the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) that as a result of this cyberattack, hackers obtained $ 2.3 million through forged invoices on behalf of Republican Party vendors in Wisconsin.” , detailed a statement.

The note clarified that “there is no evidence that hackers have acquired private information.”

In addition, he underlined the “level of familiarity” of the pirates with the party’s operations in that state at the end of the campaign.

In phishing attacks, hackers use the spoofing of pages or emails known to the user to obtain information such as passwords, bank accounts, among others.

“While a large sum of money was stolen, our operation is operating at full capacity with all resources deployed to ensure that President Donald J. Trump wins in Wisconsin on November 3,” the statement said.

On October 17, Trump visited Michigan, Wisconsin and Nevada, three key states in his attempt to scratch votes with the polls against him for the November 3 elections.

According to the average of RealClearPolitics polls, the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden , leads Trump by more than six points in Wisconsin, while in Michigan he is ahead with more than seven points.

The development of the 2016 elections has been the subject of debate in the US and even in October of last year, the Senate Intelligence Committee, with a Republican majority, published a report in which it concluded that the Russian campaign on the previous internet to those elections he harmed former Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and promoted Trump.

As a consequence, US agencies and the main social networks have concentrated their efforts on preventing any interference in the 2020 elections.

To do this, they have reinforced surveillance around the messages that are disseminated, many of which can be eliminated or tagged to warn Internet users.

Eight days ago, the director of US National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, warned that Iran and Russia have obtained information from US voters and that they are trying to interfere in the elections on November 3.

According to the director of National Intelligence, both Russia and Iran have accessed data from American voters, information that Tehran would have already used to harm Trump, according to Ratcliffe.

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