From an exclusive hotel to a parking lot next to a sex shop: The beginning and the end of the Trump presidency

The president’s lawyer gave a press conference in an unusual place from which he warned that he would not accept his defeat

The story that began four years ago in an exclusive hotel in Manhattan and catapulted him to the presidency of the United States ended this weekend for Republican leader Donald Trump with a gray press conference by his lawyers in the parking lot of a company in Philadelphia , next to a crematorium and a sex shop.

An outdoor podium with a series of posters attached to the sliding door of a wine cellar was the scenery prepared for Trump’s lawyer, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and other of his advisers to speak to reporters on Saturday from Philadelphia. (Pennsylvania) while the votes were being counted.

The bizarre choice of place surprised more than one and remains a mystery.

On Twitter, the president announced on Saturday a “great press conference.”

Trump initially reported that the event would take place at the Four Seasons hotel in Philadelphia, but shortly afterwards he deleted that message to indicate that it would take place at “Four Seasons Total Landscaping”, which is a landscaping company .

Such was the confusion that the hotel itself spoke on that social network: “To clarify, President Trump’s press conference will NOT be held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia. It will take place at the Four Seasons Total Landscapping – not related to the hotel ”.

And so it happened: Giuliani spoke from a podium surrounded by two acoustic boxes and blue and red flyers in the background , outside a modest building next to the Fantasy Island Adult Book sex shop and across from the Delaware Valley Cremation Center.

“Obviously he is not going to accept” defeat, anticipated the lawyer, whose words went unnoticed amid the euphoria that gripped part of the country after media projections gave Democratic candidate Joe Biden the winner.

Very much in the past it seems that the image of the then New York tycoon remained when he went down with his wife, Melania, down a golden staircase in an exclusive hotel in Manhattan to announce that he would aspire to the Presidency, which he finally got.

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