Florencia Peña Caldea Instagram in a thong, covering her nudity with a curtain

The actress maintains an enviable figure at 45.

Florencia Peña once again raised the temperature in the networks with a very spicy photo production. The actress surprised throughout the quarantine by the coronavirus pandemic with her daring looks and continues to renew her creativity in the different spaces of her home.

This time she posed only with some cowboy boots, a black thong , while she covered her nakedness with a curtain, she showed her curves that she maintains at 45 years old .

As expected, there was no shortage of praise for the tattoos that run through his legs and arms. There were also those who congratulated her for her creativity in renovating the different sets and costumes for the photo shoots she does from home every day.

As if that wasn’t enough, Florencia also took sighs in a tight black bodysuit.

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