Finished his shift, bought a scratch-off, and made over $ 72,000

Adam Roberts waited for his shift at the store to finish before buying his lottery ticket. Has being disciplined brought you good luck?

Trying his luck with a lottery scratch gave a nice win to Adam Roberts, a player from North Carolina who decided to try his luck at the Lucky Clover game and won $ 72,796.

Roberts waited to finish his shift as customer service manager at the Harris Teeter store on South Church Street in Burlington to purchase his $ 2 Lucky Clover ticket on the spot.

“I looked at what was over $ 500 and the only thing over $ 500 was the jackpot,” Roberts recalled. He said he couldn’t believe North Carolina Lottery officials .

Your ticket beat the odds of 1 in 240,000 to win 20% of the jackpot. At the time of victory, the Fast Play jackpot was $ 363,980, and it gave Roberts the lottery prize of $ 72,796.

The prize was won on September 23rd and was the first jackpot ever won in this lottery game .

Roberts claimed his prize at the lottery office in Greensboro. After the required federal and state tax withholdings, he took home $ 51,188.

“I’m probably going to keep a lot of it as a safety net,” Roberts said of his plans for the prize money. “But I’ll pay for the car and find out what I want to do.”

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