Events with Trump and Biden constituents left them facing tough questions

Trump again highlighted the successes in his fight against the coronavirus in Miami. Biden also had his tough questions at his rally in Philadelphia.

Although the second presidential debate was canceled, President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden still spent Thursday night on national television, answering questions from voters at separate events, seeking the vote of undecided voters when there were just days left to go. the elections .

The forums came as Trump accelerated his public agenda following his hospitalization for coronavirus, prompting the Presidential Debate Committee to convene a virtual debate and then Trump decided to withdraw entirely from the debate with Biden.

The Democratic duo are grappling with their own brush with Covid-19 , as at least three people who have been close to Biden or Senator Kamala Harris announced positive tests Thursday, temporarily shutting the candidate out of non-virtual rallies. to vice president. Members of Harris’s campaign team later tested negative for coronavirus.

Trump said he has denounced white supremacism

Trump said he did not remember if he had been tested for the coronavirus on Thursday, before attending the rally.

Trump said this Thursday that “for years” he has denounced white supremacism and has criticized that his rival in the presidential elections, Joe Biden, is not questioned if he does the same with Antifa, which he does condemn.

“I have denounced the white supremacists for years, but it always starts with that question, no one asks Joe Biden if he denounces the anti-fascists,” he protested.

“I denounce the supremacists and those left-wing people who are burning our cities, which are governed by Democrats,” said Donald Trump, who has denied, on the other hand, knowing the far-right Qanon movement, whose conspiracy theories place the American president as the victim of an international pedophile ring he tries to fight.

Trump has also complained about the “bad” treatment he is receiving from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), after voters have asked him about his taxes and why he has not filed his returns, as traditionally have all the candidates.

“The IRS treats me very badly. They treat me very, very badly, ”he insisted, and later added that“ there are people from previous administrations ”who (…)“ like to change the game, change the rules, do everything, ”said Trump.

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