Erika Buenfil shares details of the relationship she had with Luis Miguel: “He does everything very well”

The Mexican actress recalled that the brief romance was like a precious moment from a fairy tale

Like few times, Erika Buenfil shared details of the relationship she had with Luis Miguel 20 years ago.

It was during an interview on the program ‘Netas Divinas’, where the television star told part of what he lived with “El Sol de México” at the beginning of the year 2000, where he stressed that the singer is a true gentleman.

“He is a perfectionist, very much, but he does have a perfect continuity in part of the courtship, if the word is said that way; of the conquest, “he said on the Unicable program.

He assured that the singer’s personality is unique, and he does everything very well, since he was always aware of what was happening around him to surprise her.

“ All the time it seems like he’s making a video clip, it can’t be. The perfect lighting, the perfect reception and prince charming in the background. He is attentive to what you comment all the time to surprise you. What you speak, your favorite music to surprise you “, she narrated excitedly during the talk.

The “Queen of Tik Tok” as she is also known, revealed that she always smells good and is dressed very well all the time, she also recalled an appointment they had in Acapulco, a day that she has kept in her heart.

“ I thought someone was coming with him. So low is in a white car with a white shirt, so I said, ‘Yeah that’s okay. I lived in the moment and I did not question anything at all, I was also beautiful, I did not have Nicolás, he was also free. I lived the moment, I flowed it, the sea breeze was perfect, the lighting, the music, he, even the rain was beautiful. It was a precious fairy tale moment, “she concluded.

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