End Of An Era: The Azteca Stadium Would Change Its Name Due To A Crisis Caused By The Pandemic

The crisis reached one of the most iconic stadiums in the World

The economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic reached the Azteca Stadium . According to the newspaper Reforma, the administration of the property is looking for a sponsor to have a new economic entry and thus change the name of the mythical stadium.

As with the Akron Stadium in Chivas, BBVA in Monterrey or Caliente in Xolos, Azteca would change its name, so a commercial ally is being sought.

According to the newspaper, the Californian company Premier Partnerships will be in charge of selecting the sponsor.

Following the tradition of the Colossus of Santa Úrsula, the commercial ally is expected to be of high proportions.

Whatever happens, it seems impossible that fans can refer to the mythical stadium by another name.

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