Election protests in several US cities lead to arrests

Demonstrations range from singing and dancing to get every vote counted, to blocking a road or trying to stop the counting of votes in a county

Many demonstrations took place in cities in the United States on Thursday, pending the outcome of the elections and although most were peaceful, in some cities they turned violent and arrests were made .

The protesters’ demands range from the fact that every vote is counted, until the counting of the votes is stopped.

In Minneapolis , protesters blocked a highway, leading to arrests.

In Portland, hundreds gathered on the boardwalk to protest President Trump’s attempts to intervene in the vote count, while a separate group protesting police abuse and racism swept through downtown, breaking up shop windows and confronting police officers and National Guard troops, there are several detainees.

About 150 pro-Trump protesters, some of them armed, gathered outside the Maricopa County Recorder’s office in Phoenix , Arizona, where a vote count was taking place, demanding to keep a close eye on him because that could help determine the result of the elections.

Another group of pro-Trump election observers gathered earlier in the day outside a ballot counting center in Detroit, demanding that officials “stop the counting” of ballots, after the Trump campaign filed a lawsuit to stop the vote. counting in Michigan.

The protesters also gathered in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Chicago and other places, well to ask dancing and singing that every vote be counted:

Or to continue the protests for racial justice and police abuse that have rocked the country since the police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May. There are more demonstrations scheduled in the coming days.

In Minneapolis, several hundred protesters enraged by the president’s remarks marched onto Interstate 94, prompting police to clear the road.

The New York police arrested several people on Thursday in a new demonstration in which about 200 people, called by the Black Lives Matter movement and the African-American transgender community, walked the streets of Manhattan showing their rejection of white supremacism at the cry of “You can’t stop the revolution” (you can’t stop the revolution).

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