Eiza González Opens Her Heart To Talk About The Death Of Her Uncle By Coronavirus

Eiza González , after the death of her uncle, has shown herself vulnerable to her followers and has also given a very important message to all her fans.

A few days ago, the actress’s family suffered an irreparable loss, as her uncle, her mother’s brother, died of covid-19 . Faced with such a tragedy, his mother dedicated a farewell ceremony to him, where in addition to thanking him for everything he gave in life, he took the opportunity to remember with joy the moments that they enjoyed as children. “Have a good trip beloved brother, and thank you for existing …”, he wrote with deep sadness.

Faced with such a situation and serving as a reference for her loss, the actress took the opportunity to remind all her followers and friends that you have to continue taking care of yourself and follow all the instructions to the letter to avoid these bad experiences. Eiza also shared in her networks a couple of photographs accompanied by her uncle, remembering him with deep love.

“The coronavirus is extremely serious and must be taken with conscience. Losing our uncle in such an unexpected way has been heartbreaking, to say the least… ” , the former model wrote with her heart in her hand.

“Please wear a mask and stay safe,” he told his followers, reminding them of the importance of continuing to take care of themselves in these uncertain times.

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