Dwayne Johnson’s Gift To A 101-Year-Old Fan

The Actor showed his Good Heart with a detail for Mrs. Marie Grover

A little more than a year ago, Dwayne Johnson discovered through social networks the story of an old woman named Marie Grover who has been following her career closely for more than two decades and explaining to anyone willing to listen that he is one of the most attractive men of the world.

One of his grandson’s friends had used his Instagram account to share a post in which he explained that, in his teens, the lady always went to pick them up at school with a ‘The Rock’ sweatshirt and that nothing would make him more excited than to receive a message from his idol on his century-old birthday .

The followers of the former fighter turned actor know very well that, underneath that tough guy look, a big heart hides and on that occasion he was so moved that he not only sent a video to Marie in which he appeared singing happy birthday to her, but also noted that date very well on his agenda.

Now, just a year later, he has contacted her again with a gift that he hopes to help her celebrate a “wonderful and blessed life.”

” Happy 101st birthday to the beautiful grandmother Grover “, the actor has written on his Instagram account next to an image of the old woman, in which she poses smiling with two bottles of her brand Teremana. “ I am glad to see that you have received my gift and the card that I wrote you. Remember to sip the manna, Grandma , it’s not the time to take shots, “he recommended.


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