Dorismar poses on her back to show off her rear with a sensual white bodysuit

Dorismar left thousands of social network users speechless, showing them how her voluptuous rearguard looks with a provocative garment.

Argentina continues to gain an important place within social networks, specifically in her Instagram account, where she is about to conquer her first million followers and with whom she shares burning images that leave very little to the imagination.

This is how the statuesque 45-year-old actress revealed her voluptuous curves again. And, posing with her back to the camera, while wearing a sexy white body , she set fire to the famous social network.

” Sweeter than honey “, was the phrase with which he described the fiery snapshot that has managed to accumulate more than 46 thousand “likes” and with which he took the opportunity to invite his followers to visit his website, where he has more surprises prepared, as hot as this picture.

The native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, is willing to fulfill all the fantasies of her fans, so days before she shared a series of daring snapshots in which she modeled a sensual red top, with which, thanks to the cheeky neckline, she left the wear part of its charms.

Although she is an expert in modeling tiny garments on the beach under the rays of the sun, she also made it clear that posing before going to bed is another of the things she knows how to do perfectly, this was the subject of a sensual photo session with which she delighted the pupil of her loyal admirers while wearing a white baby doll , in which the transparencies revealed the subtle garment underneath.

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