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Foto: Mat Coulton/Pixabay

Mat Coulton / Pixabay

A silken windhound dog, which is looks more like a giraffe than a dog thanks to its unique characteristics, it is going viral and accumulating thousands of followers on their social networks. Because yes, what is a trend in this 2020 is that even our pets have followers.

The 16-month-old dog was adopted by his owner Claire Mighty, 23-year-old from a breeder in Ohio.

Now the dog has her own Instagram account with more than 26,700 followers, where fans praise the dog, named Cleo, and highlights her neck and long legs.

“Cleo’s long legs are an attribute of her breed, she has ancestry from hunting dogs that are remarkably streamlined and lean,” said proud owner Clare, according to The Mirror.

“She is a very intelligent, expressive and very outgoing and adventurous dog. It shows many traits that are common in this breed.

Cleo can be extremely loving but also very independent in her own right.

He likes long walks in the mountains, playing with his older sister and quiet days to take naps, “he explains.

The social media star lives alongside a four-year-old brindle and white Borzoi named Abeline in Wisconsin, United States.

Clare, who works as a lab scientist, adopted Cleo in 2019 and says people love her distinctive look.

On his Instagram, the dog can be found adorably posing in a variety of colorful outfits.

Speaking about the reaction Cleo produces on social media, the proud owner claims to be surprised.

“I really started her account just for me, and I am honored by the support of the Instagram and TikTok communities.

Silken Wind dogs are a somewhat new breed and I hope that through my account people can learn more about where they come from and, in general, how amazing they are.

He also wants to raise awareness of the importance of having an animal in life and positive it is to adopt instead of buy. You save a life and bring much more to your own!


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