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Halle Berry.

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He Artistic method is full of rumors and distorted information, as many fans of the show love to be hooked on gossip of celebrities. And although sometimes there is some truth in what circulates, on more than one occasion the stories are only full of fantasy. This is how the actress of X-Men, Halle berry, who was invented that he has 12 toes on his feet.

In 2005, an image of the actress doing her shopping in Malibu circulated, sparking speculation; coarse with Photoshop skill from a bored person to start the rumor that she had six toes on each foot and from then on questions began to bombard her. Till the date many believe this to be true.

“There was a rumor that said I have six toes on my feet“The actress said in an interview in 2017.” I want to be clear. Many people think that I have six toes on each foot, but I do not have it“. At that time there were also speculations that she was pregnant again, which was false and denied.

The truth is that Halle has no problem clarifying what is said about her, just as it does not matter to accept criticism; after all, let’s remember that in 2011 he caused a sensation by being one of the few Hollywood stars who have gone to collect his Razzie award that “honors” the worst in cinema.

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