Demi Rose shows off all her charms with a jumpsuit that seems to be painted on her body

The English model and influencer has joined OnlyFans, a site where she seeks to have even more contact with her followers, showing them a part of her that they have never seen

Demi Rose has turned social networks back on, now with a video that she posted on her Instagram stories and in which she appears very sensual, wearing a ponytail and wearing a tight bodysuit that seems to be painted on her body, with which she boasted its charms.

The beautiful British influencer went to an exclusive restaurant in the Mayfair neighborhood to celebrate her decision to join the exclusive content site OnlyFans ; She did it wearing a champagne colored skirt that outlined her curves and a tight patterned corset.

In a recent interview, Demi commented on the material she will post on OnlyFans , which will be very different from what she shares on Instagram : “I have received many requests from my fans to see an alternative side to the one that I am allowed on other platforms. It’s an opportunity to celebrate who I am from a whole new perspective, and I can bring my community of fans with me. “

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