Colorado approves giving electoral votes to whoever wins national popular suffrage

The proposition would go into effect when it has the backing of states that add a total of 270 electoral votes. So far they have 196

Colorado has passed Proposition 113 to join the Interstate Compact for National Popular Vote , an agreement to give electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote. Colorado currently controls nine ballots.

The measure received 52% of the vote , with 88% of the vote statewide, according to the Denver Post . Colorado joins 15 other states that have approved this proposal, including California, Connecticut, and Washington DC.

The non-profit organization ” National Popular Vote ” ensures that the 16 states that had supported proposition 113 add up to a total of 196 votes . For it to take effect, it is necessary that the states that support it have 270 electoral votes .

Colorado Senator Michael Foote, one of the proponents of the bill, said Wednesday that “the national popular vote is a very simple concept. One person must always be equal to one vote and the presidential candidate who obtains the highest number of votes must win the elections ”.

Critics of the proposition allege that it will make presidential candidates only go to the most populated places and, therefore, with more candidates like the big cities of California and New York. Advocates respond that the current electoral college voting system already ignores states like Colorado.

The push for a popular voting system began when former President George W. Bush defeated Democratic candidate Al Gore in 2000 , despite the latter winning the popular vote. Maryland was the first state to join the proposal 13 years ago.

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