Clocks will ‘turn back’ when daylight saving time ends on Sunday

It will be the longest day of the year with daylight savings in many parts of the United States

Much of the United States will “go back” an hour in the early hours of Sunday morning when daylight savings time ends, adding a little more sleep for many before dawn.

The time change will mean that the sun will set before 5 pm in the United States, as it is now in Hawaii and Arizona, which do not respect daylight saving time. The Navajo Nation, which is primarily within the borders of Arizona, watches the time change.

Daylight Saving Time returns on the first Sunday in March 2021.

The biannual time change is not for everyone and has been questioned in many states over the years.

Scientists have been drawing attention to the damaging effects of jet lag, including an overall reduction in physical and mental well-being, as well as a possible increased risk of serious complications, such as strokes and heart attacks, shortly after the shifts.

There is also evidence of increases in deaths from traffic accidents and harmful medical errors soon after the clocks tick in the spring.

In general, most states have approximately 7.5 months of daylight saving time and 4.5 months of standard time.

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