Clarissa Molina reveals her plans for 2021 and admits to being a woman of appetites: “I always want to eat it all” | The State

Clarissa Molina.

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Clarissa Molina She takes stock of what this pandemic year has meant for her and the plans she has for 2021, but first, as a good Dominican, she shares her favorite dish for these holidays.

What is your favorite dish this holiday season?

We have one that is the ripe banana cake, which fascinates me, I love that one, I always want to eat it all, but obviously I control myself.

Taking stock, what would you say about 2020?

Personally, for me it was a year that I was able to take advantage of to find myself, to suddenly realize: Wow, but I’m not doing this! Why not, if this makes me so good? So I implemented meditation in my life, I implemented visualizing things that suddenly I could not do this year because of the situation and do it next year. And yes, make a plan.

What awaits you for 2021?

I think that the professional goals were discussed this year and they will be done, they will materialize next year. In other words, the acting theme, thank God, is taking the path that I have planned, that I have wanted and envisioned. The commercial also is going to give me something that I have dreamed of since I was little, a campaign that I have dreamed of since I was little, soon you will also know; And in business as well, that is happening little by little, that I am almost looking at it and feeling it.


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