Chivas’ Pet hospitalized after catching COVID-19

José Juan Jiménez is admitted to an IMSS clinic in Guadalajara

Since the beginning of the Guardianes 2020 of the Liga MX , all teams have consistently tested against coronavirus. While some have registered isolated cases, others like the Xolos of Tijuana had a large number of patients on their campus.

This weekend, it was announced that José Juan Jiménez , one of the most beloved characters by the rojiblanca fans, as he plays Chiva Loca , the Chivas de Guadalajara mascot , was hospitalized because of the coronavirus.

Jiménez has played the mythical rojiblanca mascot since 1993 and has been present in all the club’s home matches since then, both at the Jalisco Stadium and at the Akron Stadium. He is currently in an IMSS clinic in Guadalajara and has shown breathing difficulties, which is why he has had to wear an oxygen mask.

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