Celia Lora shows off her exuberant charms with lace and see-through lingerie

The Mexican Model posed with a sensual black lace lingerie garment, with which her voluptuous attributes were exposed.

Without filters and irreverent, this is how Celia Lora has managed to position herself within social networks, which is why she has been punished on more than one occasion, however, this does not seem to worry the voluptuous Mexican model who continues to please her fans with daring photographs.

The sensual vlogger has posed several times for Playboy magazine, and although it is one of her favorite shop windows to show off her exuberant beauty, she has also managed to position herself as a celebrity on Instagram, where she daily shares risque images, such as which he showed recently.

On this occasion, the rocker’s daughter, Alex Lora , appeared posing with a sensual garment of black lace lingerie, with which her voluptuous attributes were exposed before the eyes of more than 8 million users who currently follow her.


The success she has achieved within social networks is thanks to the tiny garments she boasts, followed by the daring poses with which she heats up her sensual gallery.

On several occasions she has shown her body almost naked, but one of the favorite photo shoots of her followers was the one in which she used a black lace bodysuit with which she did not leave much to the imagination, since the fabric with which covered her body was transparent.

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