Carolina Sandoval would undergo a third breast surgery again, but this time to reduce them! | The State

Carolina Sandoval.

Photo: Rodrigo Varela. / Getty Images

Carolina sandoval He has surprised his followers by sharing that he is contemplating a new procedure to reduce the size of his implants.

The television presenter and businesswoman revealed during one of her famous “I spent the night with Caro”Who is contemplating reducing the size of her bust, but is not sure yet what her final decision will be, so she has consulted an expert plastic surgeon to help her with her doubts.

Sandoval revealed during the live that he has previously performed two procedures to increase size and is now looking for a reduction so he has been consulting with experts to make the best medical decision.

A surgeon with whom I am considering removing my breast implants and see how I will feel with my new breast size, without implants or with smaller implants“Said the Venezuelan under the post.


Debby S

Debby S

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