Carlo Acutis: the young influencer beatified by the Pope

The Catholic Church celebrated a new beatification this October 10, but this time it is a totally unusual.

The Catholic Church has a new blessed since October 10, but this time it is an especially unusual one: an influencer whose body is shown in sneakers, jeans and a sweater.

Beatification of Carlo Acutis, who died at the 15 years of leukemia on October 12, 2006, took place in the Italian city of Assisi, in the province of Perugia.

The young man was known within his religious community for his work to disseminate the Catholic tradition using new technologies, according to Vatican News , the information portal of the Holy See.

Acutis was born in London in 1991, where her parents had moved for work reasons, but she grew up in Milan.

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It is one of the fastest beatifications that have been approved, since only 14 years have passed since the boy’s death.

The “pattern of the web”
Acutis is e l first blessed “millenia l ” digital native, and for the Church, an example of how technology can be very positive.

This was explained by Pope Francis himself, stating that the young man “knew how to use new communication techniques to transmit the Gospel, communicate values ​​and beauty.”

Many Catholics consider that he will be “the patron of the web” for having dedicated himself to speaking about his faith and helping others through technology.

For Cardinal Angelo Becciu, prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, Acutis was “an example of faith for the young.”

Carlo Acutis: the young influencer beatified by the Pope
Carlo Acutis Association
Carlo Acutis used the internet to spread the Catholic faith in a new way.

“He was a catechist, he managed to transmit the faith to the children, not only in the classic way of meetings, but he also exploited the telematic means,” Becciu explained.

“ He created a computer project on the themes of faith , he had a site on Eucharistic miracles. So this young man lived his faith to the fullest ”, added the cardinal.

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The “miracle” of Acutis
The Church, which declared him “venerable” on July 5, 2018, attributes a miracle to him : it considers that in 2013 he saved a Brazilian child “with a rare congenital anatomical abnormality of the pancreas” after asking the minor’s family for his “intercession” .

The little boy was born in 2010 in Campo Grande, Brazil, with his pancreas practically divided in two, requiring a complex surgery.

The surgery was never performed because the boy recovered after a special prayer celebrated by a priest in the presence of a relic of Carlos: a piece of his pajamas.

The Congregation for the Causes of Saints recognized this healing as the miracle necessary for the beatification of Acutis.

Carlo Acutis during his childhood.
The Catholic Church declared Acutis “venerable” and attributed a miracle to him.

On the other hand, the extraordinary state of conservation that his body shows has led many faithful these days to consider that it is a new miracle.

However, the Church has clarified that the body was not found uncorrupted.

At the time of the exhumation, carried out in 2019 to transfer him from the cemetery to the sanctuary of Assisi, the body was well preserved, “intact” , but within the parameters “of transformation typical of the post-mortem condition,” he explained in a statement. Bishop Domenico Sorrentino.

For this reason, it had to be “treated with conservation techniques” to “expose it with the dignity that the bodies of blessed and saints require,” the prelate concluded.

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