Biden will return to South Florida on Tuesday to participate in more campaign events

He will participate in several events to captivate the vote of the undecided in the state, which will be key in the November 3 elections.

The Democratic Party has confirmed that former Vice President Joe Biden will return to South Florida to participate in more campaign events with the community . Specifically, it will do so in Broward County, north of Miami, with the aim of captivating the vote of the undecided in this state, which is emerging as the key to these elections.

It will be the second trip that the Democratic candidate has made in less than a week and the third visit that he makes in the framework of the November 3 electoral campaign. The polls give Biden a comfortable advantage over Donald Trump, but nobody trusts the forecasts and prefers to campaign in this area.

So far it is known that the former vice president will be in a meeting to mobilize voters and then, in the afternoon, he is scheduled to deliver a speech in Pembroke Pines aimed at the elderly population.

Later, late in the day, he will attend an event in Miramar although no further details are known about it.’

The Democratic Party is making great efforts to mobilize the vote in Florida and, according to analysts and political experts, ” who wins Florida will win the elections .” “The two candidates know the importance of this state in the elections, so it is very important to ensure the highest number of votes,” said analyst Javier Maza.

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