Biden to announce a committee of experts for the COVID-19 pandemic on Monday

Biden promised that he would begin his term with attention directed to the coronavirus pandemic, among his priorities.

President-elect Joe Biden will announce this Monday the twelve members of a committee of experts to combat the coronavirus pandemic, according to sources close to the Democratic candidate cited by CNN.

This commission will be chaired by three co-chairs: former Director of Public Health Vivek Murthy , former Food and Drug Commissioner David Kessler and Yale University Professor Marcella Nunez-Smith .

This very specific data contrasts with the possible appointments of his government, since it is not expected that there will be names for several weeks, according to the sources consulted by CNN, which explain that it could even be delayed, until it is known for sure if the Party Republican continues to control the Senate.

Sources have assured that Biden has specific names designed for each of the charges , so the announcement by those responsible for the coronavirus commission gives an idea of ​​how a priority this issue is for him.

In any case, any policy change regarding the coronavirus will have to wait until January 20, the formal date of inauguration of the new president.

Among the most likely measures is the mandatory use of a mask throughout the country , even though Biden himself has acknowledged that it will be difficult to implement it beyond the areas and facilities under federal control, due to the broad powers that the states have.

The priorities are:

  • fight coronavirus
  • restore trust
  • create a coherent national strategy
  • that treatments are accessible to the entire population
  • give financial aid to affected sectors
  • collaborate with other countries to avoid new infections.

For this, for example, it will give daily press conferences with the data of the epidemic that already exceeds 10 million cases, with the highest amounts of daily cases detected in the United States this week , as well as more than a thousand daily deaths in the last days.

Meanwhile, Trump’s environment has pointed to the management of the coronavirus as one of the keys to the electoral defeat of the outgoing president. In particular they have referred to misinformation and contemptuous attitude that would have alienated older voters.

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