Biden is confident that Trump and the Republicans will end up accepting their defeat. But when will they do it?

The democrat considers that the position of the current president is a “shame”

Donald Trump still does not recognize the election results . Behind him have been sheltered his most faithful allies, who also refuse to accept the victory of Democrat Joe Biden and who justify that the tycoon has contested the elections. The president-elect considers Trump’s insistence to be a “disgrace” but is confident that he will eventually give in.

“I think it’s a shame, frankly,” the former vice president said Tuesday. However, Biden and his team know that the resistance of the current president will put sticks in the wheels to the transition of government amid a pandemic, an economic crisis and a growing movement to fight racism.

Obstruct the transition

White House officials have not yet given the president-elect access to the office, secure phone lines and other federal equipment necessary for the change of government. Other agencies have also been instructed not to help Biden’s team and to plan for 2021 as if Trump would continue in the presidency, according to The Washington Post .

The Secretary of State himself, Mike Pompeo, refused on Tuesday to recognize the Democratic victory and said that there will be a “smooth transition to a second Trump term . ” After saying these words, he drew a shy smile on his mouth, but soon after made it clear that he was serious.

This Monday, the Republican Majority Leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, aligned himself with Trump’s postulates and the attorney general, William Barr, authorized investigations into alleged electoral fraud, despite the lack of widespread evidence. On the same day, the campaign announced a new lawsuit in Pennsylvania.

Biden’s stance

When asked by reporters if he could start his term without the Republicans accepting his victory, Biden confidently replied that “they will . ” The president-elect believes that Republican lawmakers will see reason.

The Democrat began this Monday to make public appearances as president-elect. On the first day, he presented a panel of 13 experts who will tackle the coronavirus health crisis . During his election campaign, Biden insisted that he would put science first, and on Monday he wanted to make it clear that this will be his top priority.

A day later, the former vice president’s team presented the 500 experts who will lead the transition of federal agencies and build their government.

Although a pair of Republican senators have already congratulated Biden on his victory, many other senior party officials either support Trump or have not spoken publicly. It may take up to a month to do so, when the electoral college meets to vote who won and definitively confirms the victory of the Democrat.

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