Biden campaign cancels Texas event after Trump supporters surround his bus on interstate

Donald Trump commented that he loves Texas, in a tweet showing the pro-Trump caravan surrounding the bus

A Joe Biden campaign bus traveling from San Antonio to Austin, Texas, on Friday , was surrounded by multiple Trump placard vehicles attempting to stop the bus off the road , a campaign official told CNN. of Biden.

According to a source familiar with the incident, the vehicles were a “Trump train group.” These groups are known in parts of the state and organize events involving their cars with Trump flags and paraphernalia and driving to show their support for the president. The group began shouting profanity and obscenities and then blocked all of Biden’s entourage.

At one point, they forced the tour bus to slow down to about 20 mph on Interstate 35, the campaign official said.

The vehicles slowed to try to stop the bus in the middle of the road.

The source said there were about 100 vehicles around the field bus. Biden staff were surprised by the event, the source said, although no one was injured.

Neither Biden nor his running mate, California Sen. Kamala Harris , were on the bus.

President Donald Trump commented in a tweet showing the caravan of his supporters circling the campaign bus that he loves Texas:

The bus employees called 911, which eventually led to local police helping the bus to its destination.

Biden’s campaign, in what he described as a great caution, ended up canceling an event scheduled for later that day in Austin, the aide said.

Texas State Representative Rafael Anchía told CNN’s Ed Lavandera that Wendy Davis was on the bus. Davis is a former state senator challenging Rep. Chip Roy for the Texas Hill Country area congressional seat.

“Rather than engage in a productive conversation about the drastically different views Joe Biden and Donald Trump have of our country, Trump supporters in Texas today decided to put our staff, substitutes, supporters and others in danger,” said Tariq Thowfeek , the communications director for Biden’s Texas campaign, to CNN.

“Our supporters will continue to organize their communities for Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Democrats from top to bottom on the ballot, and for the Texans who disrupted our events today – see you on November 3,” Thowfeek said.

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