At 55, Catherine Fulop captures the attention when posing in lingerie and boots

The actress is approaching two million followers on her Instagram account.

After sharing on her Instagram account a video in which she was reunited with her daughter, Catherine Fulop is much more animated and has returned to publish on her social networks beauty tips and sensual photos, which reflect how good she looks to her 55 years.

The Venezuelan actress (who is about to reach two million followers on Instagram ) now published an image in which she appears wearing boots, a leather jacket and black lingerie. The message next to the photo – originally shared by the artist’s photographer) was: “A Saturday with Fulop? Did you know that leather fashion is coming again? Monochromatic colors, boots with thick soles, wide sleeves and a vintage rock touch 🎸 ”. So stir that closet !! “

Catherine has also shared videos with her fans that show her exercising at home, at times accompanied by her pets: “It is never too late to change your lifestyle! Make peace with the mirror, fight the gym and be friends with your food. “

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