Another scandal: ‘Chofis’ López gets involved in a fight with a former soccer player from America

The player went to a party and everything got out of hand.

The scandals do not leave Javier Eduardo López , a player who was separated from Chivas for attending a party that led to a lawsuit for sexual assault against his former partner Dieter Villalpando .

Now, ‘la Chofis’ was the protagonist of a fight at a party and everything indicates that it did not go well. According to information from El Universal , Eduardo López had an altercation with José María Cárdenas , a former footballer from Santos, América and Atlante.

On Friday, November 13, ‘la Chofis’ attended a party in Guadalajara where he met the former player and they fought over a love affair.

Eduardo and ‘Chema’ apparently had a good relationship, but the former América player felt betrayed, because ‘la Chofis’ has a sentimental relationship with Cárdenas’ ex-partner and that would have been the reason for the lawsuit.

According to the newspaper, ‘la Chofis’ took the worst part, as Cárdenas left him with an open forehead .

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