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This Sunday, Ana Barbara He had a heartbreaking moment when he had to fire one of his sons, who returned to Mexico after spending a few days in Los Angeles, California.

In the first days of December, the singer shared with her Instagram followers a series of videos in which she boasted of her meeting with Jose Emilio, son of the late actress Mariana Levy and José María Fernández “El Pirru”, who came to Los Angeles to spend a few days with his half brothers and the singer, whom he considers his mother after having raised him since he was nine months old.

However, this Sunday, December 20, they finally had to say goodbye, a moment that was shared again by the “Queen Grupera”, who was also sad to see the suffering of her children when they separated.

In one of the videos that was taken up by other social profiles, you can see Jose Emilio and his little brother Call crying as they say goodbye at the airport.

Loves that hurt, pain that heals with love. Damn I hate that they suffer“Was the text with which he accompanied the clips of a few seconds in length.

Later, the interpreter and her children Call and Jerónimo, dedicated part of the song “Ángel” to Jose Emilio, subject in which he shared the microphones with his four children.


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