Alicia Machado dreams of an apology from Donald Trump and reveals that he tried to commit suicide twice

Beauty queen opens up about her dark days working with Trump.

Alicia Machado rose to fame after winning the 1996 Miss Universe title. Although from the outside it would seem that everything was like a fairy tale, for the beauty queen it was a very dark time.

At the time Donald Trump , now president of the United States, was the owner of the beauty pageant. The Venezuelan model had a difficult time when Trump humiliated her in front of television cameras by putting her to exercise due to weight gain.

That time marked Machado’s life and in an interview with  Luz María Doria she revealed that she would like the businessman to apologize to her. The also actress of soap operas such as “Hell in Paradise” said she would be willing to forgive Trump.

“I’d better like it to be without a show,” Machado declared. “May the Lord really see my eyes.”

Despite so much time that has passed since that event, Alicia continues to stir feelings that with teary eyes revealed that all the bullying she suffered led her to consider suicide.

“ I had a relapse… in 2016, when the elections. I was 16 years old clean, “he said. “And I did not have two suicide attempts. Not because of [Donald Trump]. I suffered bullying … you cannot imagine the bullying that I suffered. I had reporters at my doorstep all the time, I couldn’t do the supermarket like a normal person, I couldn’t eat in public without having pictures taken of me eating. It was in the headlines of the newspapers, ‘La Miss Cerda’, with 19 years. I suffered from bulimia and chronic anorexia. I have medical reports that speak of the process that I went through, I was addicted to amphentamines for almost five years [to lose weight] “.

Alicia advised people with eating problems “to love each other deeply, to look in the mirror billions of times” to tell themselves that they love each other and that they are precious.

In the end, Machado has said that her heart is healed and claims that Trump has been a gentleman to her since the 2016 presidential election.

“ Do you know how he would best apologize to me? Doing something for my country, “said Machado. ” If he likes Venezuelans so much and loves us so many and he wants to apologize to a Venezuelan girl … “

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