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Birthday Gift Ideas

If we’re honest, picking out the perfect birthday gift is rarely easy. Finding something that’s not only useful or wanted by the recipient, but also tailored to their personality often feels like a challenge. And a milestone birthday as big as their 50th makes the expectations for that gift even greater. We want to help. That’s why we’ve created this guide on our top picks for 50th birthday gift ideas. Pick a section below to get started. 

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50th Birthday Gift Ideas For Men

Looking for the perfect 50th birthday gift for the “him” in your life? If so, we’ve listed everything from cooking classes to a BBQ kit in the sections below. And for additional inspiration, make sure to visit our resource on personalized gifts for him

1. Personalized Flask (Birthday Gift)

Personalised And Engraved Round Window Hip Flask By David Louis Design |

Whatever his choice drink, he’s sure to appreciate drinking it out of his very own personalized flask. Customize the design with his name or a special message for a gift he can’t wait to use. And for a bonus, include a bottle of his choice liqueur with the gift. 

2. Cooking Class (Birthday gift)

Top 5 Undeniable Benefits of Cooking Classes | Sattvik Foods

Whether he’s been wanting to learn a new skill or master his culinary technique, this gift idea is perfect for the him in your life. Pick from a variety of classes including pasta making, bread baking, and sushi rolling classes for an activity he’s sure to love.

3. Custom Bottle Opener (Birthday Gift Ideas)

Custom bottle openers and personalized bottle opener gift ideas from  UniqueWooden

These custom bottle openers are as fun to use as they are to create. Personalize one with his name, a special date, or your favorite photos of the two of you. This is also a great gift idea to pair with a case of his favorite brew.

4. Beard Kit (Birthday Gift Ideas)

Beard comb and accessories.

Is he well known for a beard or mustache? If so, give him the gift of grooming with a luxury beard kit. Include things like beard balm, razors, combs or brushes, and even a subscription to a regular shaving kit service.

50th Birthday Gift Ideas For Husband

The following gift ideas will help to let your husband know just how much he means to you. Just make sure to pair whatever you gift him with a sweet birthday card.

5. New Camera (Birthday Gift Ideas)

A beginner photographer looking through his viewfinder towards the mountains.

Does your husband love to take pictures? If so, consider gifting him a new camera. The perfect present may be a film camera for the Noir aficionado, a DSLR for a traveler, or even an instant camera for a guy to loves to live in the moment. 

6. His Favorite Cologne

Stylish mens business accessories: cologne and cufflinks.

Use the opportunity of his birthday to stock up on his favorite cologne. Consider purchasing both his normal preferred cologne along with a travel-size version for when he’s on the go.

7. Custom Beer Stein – Birthday Gift Ideas

These custom beer steins will quickly become one of your husband’s favorite barware features. Personalize his with a unique design or a photo near and dear to his heart. He’ll love showing it off to his friends almost as much as he’ll love using it. 

8. Slate Plaque –Birthday Gift Ideas

A family's slate plaque.

Showcase your favorite photo of the two of you with this memorable slate plaque. Whether it’s a photo from your wedding, anniversary, or simply from a regular Sunday picnic– this plaque will help it stand out in your home. 

50th Birthday Gift Ideas For Dad

Picking out the perfect gift for your father’s birthday might feel like a challenge, but we’re here to help. Check out our top picks for 50th birthday gifts below to find the right inspiration. 

9. BBQ Kit

Gifts for a grill master.

Is your dad a grill master? Is he well known for a particular dish or backyard culinary style? If so, consider gifting him a customized BBQ kit. Complete with a grill master apron, potholder, bbq supplies, and sauces, he’ll be sure to want to break out his new supplies as soon as possible. 

10. Beer Subscription – Birthday Gift Ideas

Whether it’s a beer of the month club or subscription to his favorite brand, you know your Dad is guaranteed to love this gift. And for an added touch, include a new pint glass to take his brew game to the next level.

11. New Socks

Three pairs of personalized custom socks.

Everyone needs socks, and you can take this gift idea to the next level by creating a pair of personalized socks. Simply customize them with a fun design or his name. Alternatively, you can also gift a couple of different pairs of his favorite brand.

12. Desk Caddy

Desk Organizer for a father.

Help your Dad organize his office space while showcasing some of your favorite photos. Customize a desk caddy with his name, cute photos, and more. And for more organization inspiration, make sure to visit our home office resource. 

50th Birthday Gifts For Women

The following gift ideas for women turning 50 are guaranteed favorites. Check out our top picks and then visit our resource on personalized gifts for her for additional inspiration. 

13. Custom Wine Tote

A selection of three wine totes.

These custom wine totes are the perfect mix of personalized, fun, and useful. Include a sweet message or a favorite photo of the two of you, along with a bottle of her favorite wine label for a gift she’ll love to break open.

14. Fleece Photo Blanket –Birthday Gift Ideas

Fleece blanket as a great gift.

Fleece photo blankets make the perfect gift for someone who loves all things cozy and comfortable. Customize these blankets with photos, messages, and fun designs and include a sweet note to remind her how much she’s appreciated. 

15. Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler – Birthday Gift Ideas

Two travel mugs that have been personalized.

If she’s always on the go, give her the gift of convenience. These stainless steel travel tumblers are cute, easy to carry, and perfect for hot and cold drinks alike. Pick a design that matches her style, and she’ll love showing this gift off to her friends.

16. Spa Kit –Birthday Gift Ideas

Wicker basket with spa treatments on wooden table.

Spa kits are a classic gift for a reason. After all, who doesn’t love receiving the gift of pampering on their birthday? Fill a gift basket with anything from essential oils, organic soaps, bath bombs, face masks, and more. Alternatively, you can also give her a gift certificate to the local spa.

50th Birthday Gift Ideas For Wife

These 50th birthday gift ideas for her include everything from engraved jewelry to custom champagne flutes. There’s a little something to suit everyone’s tastes. Just pick your favorite idea from those below to get started. 

17. Engraved Jewelry

Remind your wife how beautiful she is with this gorgeous engraved jewelry. Include her name, both of your initials, or a cute message like “xoxo” or “love.” She’ll be showing it off to her friends in no time.

18. Framed Canvas Print – Birthday Gift Ideas

wedding canvas print gift

Whether you recently took anniversary photos or you simply want to showcase your favorite wedding portrait, a 50th birthday is a perfect opportunity to order a beautiful canvas print of the two of you. 

19. Personalized Champagne Flutes

Say “cheers” to this special birthday in the most fun way possible. Customize a pair of champagne flutes with your significant other’s name or a birthday message and include a bottle of bubbly to kick off the celebration. 

20. A Fun Vacation – Birthday Gift Ideas

Girl on summer vacation in snorkeling mask dive underwater with tropical fishes in coral reef sea pool.

Nothing says “treat yourself” like a vacation. Gift your wife a trip for two somewhere that she’s mentioned wanting to visit. Fun things to put in the birthday gift to surprise her might include plane tickets, a photo of the destination, or even a new suitcase.

50th Birthday Gift Ideas For Mom

Your Mom deserves the world, and short of that, you’re probably hoping to find the perfect birthday gift to help celebrate her fiftieth. From sweet keepsake boxes to an engraved cutting board, there’s plenty of ideas she’s sure to love.

21. Keepsake Box

Help your Mom keep her valuables safe with this special keepsake box. Personalize it with a sweet design and include a note or birthday card on the inside. And if you really want to make your gift stand out, consider adding a special piece of jewelry to the gift.

22. Custom Charms –Birthday Gift Ideas

If your Mom has a charm bracelet, consider making her a special charm to commemorate her special day. Whether you choose to include her initials, a photo, or any other cute design, she’s sure to love it.

23. Wine and Paint Class

Color palette with glass of wine.

Ever wanted to explore a new hobby with your Mom? Local wine and painting classes are a great chance to have fun together and bond. The best part? You’ll leave with a handmade piece of fine art. 

24. Personalized Cutting Board (Birthday Gift)

Whether your Mom is known for her skill in the kitchen or you just know she’d appreciate some new culinary equipment, a personalized cutting board makes a great gift. Include your family name or a message to Mom to make it stand out.

Funny 50th Birthday Gift Ideas

The following 50th birthday gift ideas aren’t just in good humor; they’re also great reminders of how much the honoree is loved by their friends and family. And if you’re looking for more great ideas, make sure to visit our resource on birthday gift ideas

25. 50th Birthday Survival Kit

Two types of candy pills.

This survival kit puts a humorous spin on making it through the whole birthday. Filled with emergency supplies like rehydrating drinks, band-aids, candy-filled fake pill bottles, and a letter disguised as emergency instructions– the honoree will get a kick out of this idea.

26. Framed Art Print (Birthday Gift)

Framed art print in a home.

Turn a funny photo or hilarious sign into a framed art print for your loved one’s 50th birthday gift. Messages for the art print may include anything from inside jokes to play on words involving the number fifty. 

27. 50 Rocks Jar (Birthday Gift)

Pebbles or Beach stones in a glass jar on white background.

Fill a glass jar with 50 small rocks or pebbles and label the jar “50 Rocks!” This play-on-words gift idea is sure to get a laugh no matter who the recipient is. And if the honoree has a sweet tooth, consider filling the jar with rock candy.

28. “Year You Were Born” Gift

Year you were born kit with retro items.

Fill a gift basket with a selection of candy, movies, decorations, and more that relate to the year the recipient was born. For example, you can include movies made that year, coins with that year’s datestamp, or even a mix CD of song that came out that year.

Homemade Funny 50th Birthday Gift Ideas

These handmade birthday gifts are as unique as they are simple to create. Pick a gift idea that fits the honoree best or visit our additional resource on unique birthday present ideas for even more inspiration. 

29. DIY Sugar Scrub

Jar of chocolate sugar scrub with aroma orange oil and lavender blossom.

Make a jar of homemade sugar scrub to help treat your loved one to a happy and stress-free 50th birthday. With simple ingredients including granulated sugar, Vitamin E, olive oil or coconut oil, and essential oils of your choice, it’s easy to put this gift together.

30. Baked Goods –Birthday Gift

Homemade oatmeal raisin cookies in a basket on a blue rustic table.

Are you known for your baking skills, or does your loved one have a sweet tooth for a specific treat? If so, make them a baked goods basket. Whether it’s a dozen snickerdoodles or a blackberry pie, they’re sure to appreciate the time and effort it takes to make.

31. Photo Book

A selection of photo book covers.

For an extra thoughtful gift to celebrate your loved one, make a photo book full of the memories the two of you have shared. Include photos from vacations, celebrations, and everything in between for a gift they’ll cherish forever. 

32. Homemade Jam as Birthday Gift

Fresh jam and toast as a great homemade gift.

This homemade gift only needs fresh fruit, sugar, cornstarch, and spices to taste. Cook them all together and bottle them in jars for a cute gift idea that’ll brighten your loved one’s breakfast routine.

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