Great Kids Gift Ideas They’ll Love | Birthday gift for kids

Birthday gift for kids

Whether it’s a birthday party, preschool graduation, or for the holidays– there’s plenty of occasions to buy gifts for year-round. And without enough planning, those gifts for children can be expensive or hard to find. But you know it’s all worth it when they unwrap their presents and see something they love. So, are you looking for the best gift ideas for kids? If so, we have you covered. We’ve made a list of our favorite kids gift ideas that they’re sure to love. Get started below: 

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Fun Birthday Gifts For Kids 

Every child wants to open something exciting during their birthday or the holidays. These awesome gifts for kids help you take your celebration to the next level. Just pick your favorite idea from those below or use them to inspire a gift idea all your own.

1. Bean Bag Chair as Birthday gift for kids

A set of bean bag chairs with personalized names.

This personalized bean bag chair is super comfy and looks great in any kid’s room. Customize it with your child’s name for something they’ll be excited to show off. This cozy seat is perfect as a homework hub or video game lounger. 

2. Memory Game Birthday gift for kids

A personalized memory game from Birthday.

A memory game is ideal for kids of any age. The personalized cards help your little ones learn and grow, and they double as a cute wall decoration for your older kids. Choose from a variety of designs and photos to put together a memorable children’s gift. 

3. Custom Teddy Bear as Birthday gift for kids

A custom teddy bear from Birthday.

These custom teddy bears are as cute as they are soft. They’re perfect for toddlers or stuffed animal lovers, and look great on a shelf or the bed. And since the T-shirt is machine washable, they’ll always have a fresh and clean scent.

4. Homemade Playdough Birthday gift for kids

Colorful handmade play dough for children.

Did you know that you can make child-safe playdough from ingredients commonly found at home? Not only is this playdough free of toxins, but it takes no time to put together. Just mix flour, salt, cream of tartar, water, vegetable oil, and food coloring and cook over medium heat until a ball forms. Cool the ball in bags until firm, then cut and enjoy!

5. Personalized Cape as Birthday gift for kids

Personalized kids capes from Birthday.

If your child dreams of being a superhero, make their dreams come true with the perfect children’s gift: a customized cape. And once they have their very own cape, playtime becomes a lot more heroic. 

6. Safe Paint Set Birthday gift for kids

Little boy with his dad playing with a paint set.

Is your child known for their artistic skills? Or do they just love making a mess with paint? If either of these sounds true, consider gifting your child a kid-safe paint set. Full of non-toxic paint and contained in a mess-free box, these paint sets make an excellent gift idea. 

7. Photo Puzzle Birthday gift for kids

Two photo puzzles from Birthday.

Photo puzzles, whether they’re 12, 30, or 60 piece sets, are great gifts for kids. They’re personal and engaging– making them perfect for most levels on engagement. Just customize a puzzle with a special family photo or design for a truly picture-perfect gift.

8. Craft Kit (Birthday gift for kids)

Scrapbooking in process from a craft kit for kids.

If your child loves crafting more than anything, feed their passion with a custom made craft kit. Fill it with plenty of child-safe crafting tools like tape, stickers, non-toxic paint, glue sticks, markers, and construction paper. 

9. Personalized Backpack Birthday gift for kids

Two personalized backpacks and a backpack full of supplies.

With all the wear and tear they face through the school year, chances are you’ll need to replace your child’s backpack sooner or later. Turn it into a fun birthday gift by creating a personalized backpack that will help your kid stand out in the best of ways. 

10. A Trip to the Zoo as Birthday gift for kids

Kids looking at monkeys at the zoo.

When in doubt of what to give your child, consider gifting memories or an experience. For example, taking your child and their best friend on a trip to the Zoo or science museum makes an engaging and special present they’ll remember for years. 

Birthday Gift Ideas For Kids Who Have Everything

Whether your child likes toys and games or personalized decor for their room, there’s a perfect gift idea waiting to be discovered. And we’ve made a list of our favorite unique gift ideas for kids to help you find it.

11. DIY Slime Birthday gift for kids

A child stretches the big orange DIY slime on a white table.

The only ingredients you need to make DIY slime are Borax powder, white craft glue, water, food coloring, and decorations like glitter. Following simple DIY instructions found online, this recipe takes no time at all. Then bottle up different colors for a fun surprise.

12. Kids Apron as Birthday gift for kids

A kids apron as a gift idea.

Whether your child is a whizz in the kitchen or a mess at the craft station, kids aprons make excellent gift ideas. Customize it with their name and photo so it’ll never be mistaken and let them feel like (clean) professionals while they grow in their hobbies.

13. Garden Kit as Birthday gift for kids

African descent grandmother and grandchild gardening in outdoor vegetable garden in spring or summer season. Cute little girl enjoys planting new flowers and vegetable plants for family activities.

Growing flowers and taking care of a garden is an educational and rewarding experience for many children. Turn it into a special kids gift idea by putting together a complete garden kit, including space for a garden bed or planters. Just make sure to give your child plenty of help as they start their new hobby.

14. Personalized Story Book

A stack of personalized story books on a shelf.

Personalized story books put your child right in the middle of the plot, making them the perfect unique children’s gift idea. Choose from over a dozen titles and then customize the story’s avatar to look just like your little one. It’s guaranteed to become a bedtime favorite.

15. Treasure Map (And Hunt!)

A boy uses a Treasure map.

Sometimes unique gift ideas are more about experiences than material presents. Give your child the gift of a scavenger hunt by letting them unwrap a homemade treasure map. Along with plenty of homemade hints, let the hunt end when they find “the treasure.” This might be a special cake, another gift, or anything else you know they’d find valuable. 

16. Kids Step Stool as Birthday gift for kids

These kids steps stools aren’t just functional– they’ll quickly become a stand out decor piece in your child’s room. These step stools are made from pine and look great even before they’re personalized. Just pick your favorite design and add your child’s name.

17. Kids Terrarium Birthday gift for kids

Making Terrarium gift set with a succulent cactus.

Kids terrariums and terrarium kits make for unique birthday gifts your kid will proudly display year-round. If making a kit, include the glass bowl, the colored rocks, and all the different plants and decorations you know your kid will love.

18. Custom Pillow as Birthday gift for kids

A stack of personalized pillows for gifts.

Pillows help your child showcase their unique personality within the four walls of their bedroom. Plus, these kids pillows are so soft your child will have a hard time not bringing them with them wherever they go. Personalize them with your child’s name, photo, or unique design and order when ready.

19. Hand Knit Blanket

A few bright colored knitting needles and hand knit blankets.

Nothing says “I love you” like a hand-knit blanket. And few things are as cozy. Whether you have the knitting skills or you contract the job out to grandma– it’s a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Just make sure that you knit the blanket in your child’s favorite color.

Small Gifts For Kids

From stocking stuffers to party favors, sometimes a gift needs to be little. If you’re looking for a small gift idea or two, never fear. We’ve found a shortlist of our top small gift ideas just for you below: 

20. Imagination Boxes as Birthday gift for kids

Child is dressed in an astronaut costume playing with her imagination boxes.

Imagination boxes prove you can turn almost any opportunity into a gift if you put enough thought into it. Just take large cardboard boxes (and maybe a few smaller sizes) and pick a design. Whether you build a spaceship, pirate ship, little playhouse, or anything else– your child will make it come to life with their imagination. 

21. Goodie Stuffed Drawstring Backpack for Birthday gift for kids

Drawstring backpacks displayed in a living room as a party favor

Fill a personalized drawstring backpack with all of your child’s favorite sweet treats. Not only will they love the sweet surprise inside, but the drawstring bag will make it seem extra special. These also double as great party favor ideas.

22. Birthday Gift Basket Ideas For Kids

Cute teddy bear in a basket on a wooden table.

Every child appreciates stuffed animals, which makes them the perfect gift basket filler. Add additional comfy accessories like slippers, a blanket, or pillow and present the basket as a sleepover kit. They’re sure to love it.

23. Birthday Gift Card Ideas For Kids

A gift card in a pencil case.

Just because you’re gifting a child a gift card doesn’t mean you can’t make it special. Turn it into a fun, customized gift idea by personalizing the gift card holder. Alternatively, you can use personalized pencil cases to hold it, along with a few of their favorite candies. 

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