100-year-old man breaks Golf stroke record

Older people should keep fit and play moderate sports

100-year-old man from California set a Guinness World Record for his sport: golf.

Don Shinn , a native of South Korea and former judo instructor, began playing disc golf at the age of 90. He did it to stay active. A decade of practice has given him great satisfaction as he threw a record at 189 feet and set a new Guinness World Record for those over 100.

“It’s really good for me to keep practicing because it makes me strong,” Shinn told KSWB-TV . “Not only physically, but also mentally.”

Shinn said he is proud of his world record, but feels like he can break it again, the Santa Maria Times reported.

“To achieve what I have in mind, I have to keep practicing,” he said. “If I do a little better, I will be happy more than anything else.”

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